Bob Nordman, known as “Fast Bob,” lives his life 26.2 miles at a time.

The 74-year-old Nordman, having already run 110 marathons, is ready to lace them up again for Sunday’s New York City Marathon.

What You Need To Know

  • Bob Nordman is running his 21st NYC Marathon on November 7

  • It will be the 111th marathon Nordman has run in the last 40 years

  • Now retired, Nordman keeps a medal collection at his Sugar Loaf cabin

“Coming off First Avenue, the roar of the crowd is unreal,” said Nordman. “New York City is like the one you have to run if you do one [marathon]. There’s nothing like it.”

Nordman has run a marathon in every state since he began the hobby, running the New York City Marathon 20 times, starting in 1981.

“[In] 1981, I ran [it in 3 hours, 54 minutes, 33 seconds], didn’t know what I was doing, hurt like hell for a week, said I’d never do another,” said Nordman about his first marathon.

Although he lost track of the medal in the 40 years since that reach, he’s kept the T-shirt he wore and keeps it at the ready.

It’s just one of many mementos he’s collected. He keeps them in what his family calls his “Running Shrine” in Sugar Loaf. It’s a cabin on the hillside, where he spends his weekdays chopping firewood, mingling with neighbors. and, of course, going on runs.

Sunday’s marathon will be his 21st in New York City.

“I still get nervous,” he said. “It’s exciting and nervous. My wife says I get a little nuts a few days before.”

Nordman has no strict training regimen, just a few “warm-up” long runs. His last marathon was Sept. 19 on Long Island.

“This is a nice medal,” Nordman said, putting the most recent medal back into a rack with 50 others.

In his 40 years of running, Nordman has learned a thing or two, like how important community is. He’s currently a member of the Orange County Runners Club, and encourages young runners to join running clubs to learn from others’ experiences and motivation.