As the economy reopens, there are still questions about COVID-19 that remain unanswered. But for the inquisitive minds of our kids, the questions might be unending.

Holly Winter-Huppert, a kindergarten teacher at the George Washington Elementary School in Kingston, decided to write a book to try and explain the virus to kids.

What You Need To Know

  • Author Holly Winter-Huppert is a kindergarten teacher at the George Washington Elementary School in Kingston

  • The book explains COVID-19 to children, the way Winter-Huppert explained it to her great-nephew, Hans

  • It's available for purchase online and anywhere books are sold

“One of the things I do well is when something’s going on in our world, I explain it to children,” she said.

“Some of my students’ families were saying ‘we don’t know what to say to our kids.’ The book came out of a need to explain to children what’s going on.”

Winter-Huppert said she hears from her students often, and that some of them have said they’re afraid they’ll contract COVID-19.

“I know some children that are afraid to leave their bedroom, because they’re afraid they’re gonna get it," she said. "A friend of mine went hiking, and this little kid was on the trail, and he ran back to his family and yelled 'people!' ”

The book, “Hans Helps,” named after her great-nephew Hans, walks through the process of explaining the virus in ways best suitable for their ears.

"It’s about him coming here for the day and us talking about what is the virus, and him learning slowly," Winter-Huppert said.

The book, she added, is different from others on the market.

"It has some photos in it, but it’s really a book that parents can read to their children. The pull is it's not all the flashy pretty colors, it’s the story. It’s a way to have a conversation," she said.

Winter-Huppert said proceeds from the book will go back into the community.

"There’s a number of charities right in the area — People’s Place, The Hodge [Community Center] — that are really servicing families in a beautiful way, and I’d love to do everything I can to give them some money," she said.

“Hans Helps” is available for purchase online now, anywhere books are sold.