Our vehicles are exposed to all the elements: grimy roads, salts and solutions dropped on roads... even cedar pollen in places like Texas.

What You Need To Know

  • The weather and road treatments can damage your vehicle

  • Washing the outside of your car helps maintain its longevity

  • It's good to plan on times to clean the inside of the car and keep it dry

Adding another item to the to-do list is always an unfortunate reality of being an adult, and maintaining good car care is something that you should keep on this list. 

We pay a pretty penny for our vehicles, and we put a lot of faith into them running when we need them to run, being safe and looking and feeling clean as they take us to our destinations. 

It's hard to clean both the inside and outside of our vehicles when it's cold, and you may not have a garage to work in to keep you warm. Going to a car wash where you can stay in your vehicle is ideal. It also uses less water and has a lower risk of pollution.

This process can remove ice and snow jammed in wheel wells and the vehicle's undercarriage, and it also removes rust-causing agents found in snow mitigation solutions.

(Spectrum News/Justin Gehrts)

Cleaning the inside of the car is important to keep those same chemicals on your boots from tracking into the carpet or even your seats. Also, wet shoes from slush or rain can lead to a mold or mildew buildup.

If you do not have a warm place to clean the inside of your car, some businesses will detail the inside of your car for a price, or you can watch our forecast to find a day that is warmer than average and dry. 

Take the time to take care of your vehicle so when you hit the road in any weather conditions, your vehicle will take care of you. 

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