Heading to the New York State Fair? If you plan on getting there using a Park and Ride, here are a few things you need to know.

  • Bring Cash. The Park and Ride is a cash only system.
  • Arrive Early. Give yourself plenty of time to park, pay and wait on the bus that has to drive you to the fairgrounds.
  • NEW: Paper Ticket Boarding System. In hopes of speeding up the boarding process, Centro will have a Park & Ride tent at the satellite lots for bus riders to buy their tickets. Riders will get two tickets each. One to remit when riding to the fair, the other ticket to hang onto to get back to the Park and Ride lot.
  • Lost return ticket? You will have to pay cash to get on the Centro bus to get back to your Park and Ride lot if you lost your return ticket.
  • Centro uses anywhere from 30-60 buses per day. They are ready to adjust on the fly as demand increases on any day.
  • Cost: $4 round trip for adults. $2 round trip for those aged 65 and up. $2 for children and the disabled.

Have fun at the fair!