It’s Brittney Mitsiell’s turn to lead her academy class. She’s one of the nine recruits in the first-ever Oswego County Police Academy, striving to patrol the city.  

What You Need To Know

  • The Oswego County Sheriff's Department, Oswego, and Fulton Police departments are running a new 26-week Oswego County Police Academy.
  • They're hoping to recruit more officers despite the current climate.
  • The application deadline is August 19 and the exam is September 26.

“I’ve always wanted to be a police officer,” said Mitsiell. “I’ve always admired what they do on a daily basis.”

The sheriff’s office and Oswego and Fulton police departments are working together to run this 26-week course. Staff members are hoping to recruit more people, as the civil service exam approaches.

“We’re not sure how this is going to go based on our set of circumstances across the country,” said Lt. Charlie Searor of the Oswego City Police Department. “We’re just trying to push out our test and get people out that are interested. Take the test. It’s a rewarding career.”

“It’s a very unique job,” said Chelsea Giovo, an Oswego City Police Department officer. “There’s no typical day. We’re looking for officers who are hardworking and have the ability and drive to go above and beyond.”

They’re also looking to diversify the departments and the training.

“We’re trying to give them as many tools as we can to make them successful on the road,” said Lt. Searor. “So, use-of-force, cultural diversity, implicit bias; we’ll be covering a lot of that stuff a little more extensive this time because we have the opportunity to make this program what we want it to be.”  

Despite the ongoing distrust and tension nationwide, recruits and officers are reminding others it’s still an honor to wear the uniform.

“It’s going to be worth it,” said Mitsiell. “The end goal is worth; being out in the community, helping others.”

“So, those who are shying away, it doesn’t hurt to take the test, go through the process,” said Lt. Searor. “We need men and women to continue law enforcement and protect and serve our community.”

The application deadline is August 19, and the exam is September 26.

You must be 19-years-old, a U.S. citizen, and have a valid NYS driver’s license. There is a $25 exam fee. You can also fill out a cross-file form to take one test for all tests that are being offered by different agencies.