A New York state Supreme Court judge on Monday upheld changes made to the state's early voting laws last year.

A group of Republican and conservative lawmakers filed a lawsuit challenging the changes, which allow any registered voter in New York to file an early ballot by mail. 

The judge ruled Monday the changes are constitutional.

State Senate Deputy Majority Leader Mike Gianaris, a Democrat who sponsored the law, said "this will mean more people will get to vote which is always a good thing, but Republicans know that when more people vote they lose elections and they try and keep that from happening. It's very cynical."

New York Republican Party Chair Ed Cox said the group behind the lawsuit plans to appeal.

“Since the Civil War, New York’s state Constitution has required a constitutional amendment in order to expand absentee voting," Cox said. "The Legislature acknowledged this fact when in 2021 it submitted an amendment for no-excuse absentee voting. The people overwhelmingly rejected that amendment...We strongly disagree with the court’s decision and believe our position will be upheld on appeal."