There are no known perpetrators for the wave of unfounded reports of active shooters in schools that hit parts of New York on Thursday, Gov. Kathy Hochul told reporters Friday, but said she believes the threats were likely generated by someone overseas.

Hochul said a total of 36 incidents were reported Thursday, mostly concentrated in the Hudson Valley and Capital Region, but also included schools in Central New York and Western New York. State Police went to 226 schools.

“What I want parents to know that we are taking every single incident seriously. We treat it as it’s real. But the reality is this is meant to disrupt and cause chaos in our school system, and indeed, society,” Hochul said.

The governor said very often, these types of incidents, known a “swatting,” are computer-generated. The FBI defines swatting as "calling 911 and faking an emergency that draws a response from law enforcement — usually a SWAT team."

“Probably in this case, they’re foreign actors,” Hochul said. “They’re computer-generated calls originating in foreign lands that are trying to cause disruption.”

The governor said these calls mostly go into school offices.

“In some cases, there’s a recording of sounds like shootings in the background, which is horrific, that is it sounds very legitimate, that is an active shooting unfolding as the calls are going on, and so this is why it’s causing so much trauma for teachers and students and families," Hochul said.

This all comes after Monday’s shooting at a Presbyterian private school in Nashville, Tennessee, that killed three 9-year-old students and staff members.

“So this has been a traumatic week for families across New York,” Hochul said.


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