While the gas tax holiday expires on New Year's Eve, New York's minimum wage will go up to $14.20 an hour for workers outside of New York City, Long Island and Westchester.

There are also a number of state laws that will go into effect the following day, on Jan. 1.

They include:

  • a law signed Friday that expands the window for voter registration, giving until 10 days before an election for an application to be received
  • a change to election law barring "independence" and "independent" from being used in political party names, thus bringing an end to the Independence Party
  • establishing a task force to look into social media and violent extremism and publish an annual report on its findings
  • the prohibition of making or selling cosmetics tested on animals
  • allowing New York's college athletes to make money from endorsements without fear of losing scholarships or eligibility

There are other laws going into effect next year.

Also on Jan. 1 is Gov. Kathy Hochul's inauguration to a full four-year term.