The Democratic Governors Association has filed paperwork to fund a separate PAC to help fund Gov. Kathy Hochul's campaign with eight days to go until Election Day, as first reported by Politico on Monday.

The additional effort to boost the Democratic nominee's bid to become the first woman elected as governor of New York comes as the race has tightened between Hochul and Republican candidate U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin, of Long Island.

As of Friday, the Hochul campaign reported nearly $6 million cash-on-hand and $3.37 million raised in this month's filing period from Oct. 4 through Oct. 22.

But Zeldin, running on the Republican and Conservative tickets, has nearly equal funding to his opponent after raising almost $3.6 million in the last three weeks. That bolstered his campaign to more than $5.85 million cash-on-hand, according to his campaign. 

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin campaigned with Zeldin at a rally in Westchester County on Monday afternoon.

“Lee Zeldin wants to follow the Glenn Youngkin blueprint and bring an out-of-touch MAGA agenda to New York,” Democratic Governor's Association spokesman David Turner said in a statement Monday. “With the backing of Youngkin and Trump, Zeldin has proved he’ll fall right in line with the GOP’s extremism if elected governor.”

Zeldin has over $1 million more cash-on-hand than his filing Oct. 7. He's received donations from more than 97,000 contributions since starting his campaign.

"We have the issues on our side, we have the momentum and energy on our side and on Nov. 8, we’re going to fire Kathy Hochul,” Zeldin said in a statement Friday. “The incredible support pouring in from New Yorkers of all walks of life is incredible and underscores how personal this race is for everyday, hardworking New Yorkers. This is our last chance to save our state, and losing is not an option.”

Hochul raised about $49.2 million since taking office in August 2021, excluding in-kind donations.