The New York Farm Laborers Wage Board will meet Tuesday to issue its final report and recommendation regarding the overtime threshold for farm workers.

The proposal brings the overtime threshold down from 60 hours to 40 hours. 

The board is expected to accept or reject the proposal during Tuesday's meeting.

Following the meeting, Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon will then have 45 days to review the report and recommendations and announce her decision. 

Those in favor of the change say it will benefit the workers while those opposed say it will hurt farmers who are already struggling. 

"We don't get to dictate to anybody how much money we're going to make on the product. We don't get to change our profit model to make to accommodate for higher labor," said Dutch Hollow Farm co-owner Nate Chittenden.

"If there are problems that need to be fixed in the agricultural industry, which there are many, it can't be done on the backs of cheap labor and exploited labor," said Workers Center of Central New York Executive Director Jessica Maxwell.

The threshold was reduced from 80 hours to 60 hours in 2019.

Tuesday's meeting is expected to be the last time the Farm Wage Board will convene.