New York lawmakers and Gov. Kathy Hochul have reached a broad agreement on a package of measures meant to address a Supreme Court ruling that knocked down the state’s century-old concealed carry law for firearms.

State lawmakers are expected to vote on a package of provisions on Thursday that will restrict where guns can be carried, including places where kids gather, polling places, educational institutions and public transit.

Licensing requirements for concealed carry permits will be expanded and live fire training at gun ranges will be required.

Background checks for ammunition purchases will be required, as will safe storage of firearms in cars.

Private businesses, including bars, must affirmatively state with a sign that permitted guns can be carried.

The details of the gun legislation were first reported on Tuesday by Spectrum News and NY1. Hochul confirmed the specifics of the agreement with lawmakers for the first time on Wednesday. 

Hochul on Wednesday at the State Police’s intelligence facility outside Albany said the final details of the measures were being discussed with lawmakers.

Hochul called the court ruling last week “totally out of touch” with what most New York residents want.

“We’re going to continue to make sure we toughen those laws,” she added. “This is not the wild west. This is New York state.”

The changes will likely be facing a legal challenge as well. Hochul said the proposals have been reviewed by legal experts and think tanks that have studied the issue.

The court’s ruling did include stipulations for states to limit where guns can be carried, but also said broad areas like Manhattan could not face a restriction on concealed carry.

“I’ll go right up to the line; I won’t cross the line,” she said.