Reading a ballot before you vote could get a little easier in New York after Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday approved a trio of bills designed to improve comprehension of ballots.

The bills include measures that will require ballots be more voter friendly — easier to both read and use.

Another bill approved will require ballots inform voters when the ballot has two sides — a front and back — for them to consider.

And a third bill approved will require boards of election to post sample ballots online before an election is held.

“Voting is a fundamental right and there should never be a situation where that right is infringed on just because the ballot isn’t clear,” Cuomo said. “These measures will bolster the progress we’ve made to improve voting access by ensuring ballots clearly lay out the choices and there is no confusion when New Yorkers walk into the voting booth.”

The measures come as state lawmakers this year and Cuomo have backed legislation designed to strengthen the state’s election and voter access laws. Early voting for the first time will be held in New York starting on Saturday.

In September, Cuomo approved a bill that expedites party enrollment changes ahead of primary elections, removing the Oct. 11 deadline and changing it to Feb. 14.