A pair of gun control measures designed to ban 3-D printed and manufactured firearms and requiring new safe storage procedures for guns was signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The new laws are the latest gun control measures Cuomo has approved this week. On Monday, he signed into law a bill that extends the background check period for prospective gun buyers who do not initially pass the National Instate Background Check and a separate bill that bans the sale and possession of bump stocks.

The ban on 3-D printed guns addresses the ability to download and manufacture a firearm from the Internet using the emerging 3-D printer technology.

“3D guns and improperly stored firearms pose an enormous risk to our children and today we’re addressing both dangers head-on to keep our families safe,” Cuomo said in a statement. “These measures continue New York’s legacy of enacting the strongest gun laws in the nation by helping keep firearms out of the hands of children and by acknowledging and addressing technological advancements like 3D printed guns.”

The safe storage legislation requires gun owners to store weapons when living with someone under the age of 16 or have reason to believe the it will be accessible by some under 16. The measure continues to allow properly licensed or supervised people under age 16 to hunt or practice at a firing range.

The measure was spurred by the death of Nicholas Naumkin, a 12-year-old Saratoga Springs boy who was killed by his friend when playing with his father’s gun.

“Our primary responsibility in government is to keep New York families safe,” said Sen. Liz Krueger.

“It’s simply common sense that young children should not have unsupervised access to dangerous weapons, and no responsible gun owner would disagree. Too many times we’ve seen the tragic results when kids get their hands on guns. These tragedies are preventable. I thank Governor Cuomo for signing this bill today and taking this important step that will save lives and keep New York families whole.”