Heads up parents and students in Onondaga, Cortland and Madison Counties! There is a new, one of kind for New York state program offering hands-on engineering training. 

This is thanks to the collaboration of OCM BOCES & Lockheed Martin. The program is named 'New Vision Engineering Professions'. It is a one year program for highly motivated high school seniors.

As an engineering immersion class, they will have hands on learning on the engineering floor at Lockheed Martin. Their classroom is inside the highly secure Lockheed Martin. Students will work with engineers, community leaders & design experts on projects from concept to completion.

Lockheed is excited to be part of this program and is working on internships for the seniors after high school graduation and college scholarships. The available academic credits include college credits through Onondaga Community College while working in the Engineering class.

"It's a program that I think students could get interested in and excited about,” said New Vision Engineering Professor Dr. Mark Povinelli. “We have both their experience they have working here at Lockheed Martin but we're also engaged in the community."

The students in this inaugural program have a passion that is palpable. Currently the students are excited to be working on new trash can designs for the Westcott Area of Syracuse. 

"It is a big difference between just sitting in the classroom and staring at the teacher and learning, versus actually going out there and seeing what you're going to be doing,” said Fayetteville-Manlius student Sara Pederson. “And physically seeing in front of you, this is what I'm going to be working on. I'm actually going to be making a difference."

It's for academically inclined, college bound high school seniors and it's only at the Lockheed in Salina. But it's a chance for students to get hands on experience at Lockheed, as well as earn six college credits! Students can go to their guidance counselor for more information. 

Parents and students are encouraged to attend the OCM BOCES/Lockheed Martin Open House for this New Vision program for more information. It will be held Tuesday, March 3 at 6 p.m. at Lockheed Martin Salina in Building 6. 

Those interested can RSVP to Melissa Muller at MMuller@ocmboces.org or call her at 315-433-2234. There are more details at www.OCMBOCES.org too.