Before our daughter took up sports, I marveled at how parents of multiple children, all school age, navigate the co-existing demands of school, sports, work, getting them there and just feeding them too! Now on the other side, I see it is doable, but still daunting.

We are still in the novice stage of managing school and sports. How can a family and a student handle the additional demands of sports? When is it good to push, and when is it good to have them pull back? We need the wisdom of an expert.

Why not talk to a former all-star student-athlete, now high school coach, sports clinic camp director, and mother of triplets! Not kidding.

Coach Carm Petrera at Bishop Luddden High School is all of that, and more. She gives great tips to managing the challenges of parenting student-athletes. Here are some key points Coach Petrera shares:

1) Lean on your community. Family other parents are resources that can help get kids off the bus, drive to practices and more. Make a plan with others to make it more manageable for all of you.

2) Keep communicating with your children. Ask them how important their sport is to them? Are they ready for the responsibility? Are they ready for the commitment? How much your child can or can't give will impact the team.

3) Keep the fun in it! They are kids! Don’t lose the joy of the sport or life!

4) Be real! No is ok. Coach Petrera says, "Remember only about 2 percent of all high school students will earn athletic scholarships in college. And only 2 percent of those student-athletes will go on to become a pro." So simmer down.

And parents, remember let the coaches coach. No coaching from the stands!

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