Thirteen behavioral health clinics under development will receive $3.5 million in grant money with the goal of providing health support as well as social service programs, Gov. Kathy Hochul on Monday said. 

The money will support the new 24-hour clinics, with six of them located in New York City and the other seven in regions across the state, Hochul's office said. 

"My administration is committed to creating a robust and effective mental health care system that works for every New Yorker," Hochul said. "Through the development of Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics, we are providing comprehensive wrap-around care to our most vulnerable New Yorkers, helping ensure no one is left behind." 

Hochul has called for efforts to address the state's mental health care system, backing $60 million in capital as well as $121.6 million operating funds to expand outpatient services. 

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics are part of the first phase of a two-year expansion in order to triple the number of those facilities statewide from 13 to 39 within the next two years. 

"CCBHCs make it easier to get behavioral healthcare and can help people who don't need inpatient care to avoid hospitalization," New York State Office of Mental Health Commissioner Dr. Ann Sullivan said. "In addition to mental health care, they offer treatment for substance use disorder as well as screening and referral for physical health care services. Tripling the number of CCBHCs across the State is an important component in Governor Hochul's comprehensive plan to strengthen our mental healthcare system."