The state Senate advanced a measure Wednesday that would expand a ban in New York on the sale of exotic animals, part of a package of measures meant to address animal welfare and curtail cruelty. 

The bill, yet to pass in the state Assembly, would define a wild animal in New York as an indigenous, non-domesticated animal that is native to the country in which they live.

If given final approval, animals that include sloths, kangaroos, hyenas, elephants, wallabies and armadillos would be affected. 

The measure was among a series of bills approved in the state in recognition of National Pet Week. Lawmakers also advanced measures to bar the sale of disabled horses at auctions and expand the provision to include donkeys and mules. 

Lawmakers also want to ban the practice of devocalizing cats and dogs. Another measure would require landlords and lessors to review property for any abandoned animals within three days of the property being vacated. 

“Animal neglect has no place in our society, and I’m proud that my bill requiring homes to be inspected for abandoned animals within three days of a tenant’s departure passed the Senate during National Pet Week alongside a comprehensive package of legislation to protect the well-being of companion animals," said state Sen. Michelle Hinchey "I’m honored to stand up for the needs of vulnerable animals and join my colleagues in creating a safer New York for all pets.”