U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik's office is taking public input from farmers and those in the agriculture industry as Congress once again writes a Farm Bill to boost the sector of the economy. 

Stefani's office announced Thursday it is opening an online portal and survey for farmers to register their opinions on the issue. 

A version of the Farm Bill is worked on every five years at the federal level, meant to provide support for the agriculture industry.

New York is one of the top dairy producing states in the country and also leads on production for apples, corn for grain and hay. 

“Agriculture is the backbone of Upstate New York and the North Country. As Congress is working to draft this year’s Farm Bill, farmers across New York’s 21st District can use this input form to directly share their priorities with me, so I can bring them to the highest levels,” Stefanik said. “This important legislative package will support our farmers and provide them with critical resources over the next five years, which is why, as the highest-ranking New York member in the majority, I will work to include the priorities of our local farmers and deliver results for them.”

Farm bills can be especially key for farmers, helping them with finances as well as with programs to help promote their products.