Legislation that would raise the penalty for telemarketers violating the do-not-call registry law in New York was advanced this week with a near-unanimous vote in the state Assembly. 

The measure, approved 146-1, would boost the penalty for calling someone who has added their name to the Do Not Call Registry to $20,000. 

“I am proud to see this bill move to the Senate with such overwhelming support from colleagues on both sides of the aisle. This is a victory for every New Yorker who is tired of unwanted calls and would like to be able to pick up their phone in peace” said Assemblymember Alex Bores.

The measure was previously approved in the state Assembly in prior years, but has yet to clear the state Senate. 

Despite the use of the Do Not Call Registry, consumers have reported calls continue to come through to them, lawmakers said. 

"Signing up for the Do Not Call Registry should be sufficient to stop unwanted unsolicited telemarketing calls," said Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes. "Unfortunately, bad actors continue to skirt the law and harass New Yorkers."