A $1 increase in the minimum wage for counties north of Westchester will take effect at the end of the year, reaching $14.20. 

And Gov. Kathy Hochul in a statement on Wednesday indicated the stated target of $15 statewide will eventually be reached. 

But that change will be up to a wage board at the state Department of Labor, part of a compromise between then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers that led to a $15 minimum wage in New York City and the metropolitan region. 

Home care aides in upstate New York will also receive a $1 wage increase to $16.20 per hour in upstate New York counties. 

"With inflation and a national labor shortage impacting our state's economy, my team is doing everything possible to put money in New Yorkers' pockets and address the rising cost of living," Hochul said. "Fair, competitive wages are essential for helping families thrive and attracting top talent to our state, and our administration remains committed to using every tool at our disposal to move New York's economy forward."

The increase comes as progressive advocates are calling for a statewide minimum wage of $21.25 by 2026, and linking future increases to the rate of inflation. 

The wage hike taking effect at the end of the year is expectged to affect about 200,000 upstate workers. Of those workers, 44% are employed full time and nearly a quarter are supporting kids under the age of 18.