Gov. Kathy Hochul and Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado's campaign for a full term was endorsed Wednesday by the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, with the organization praising efforts to curtail the effects of climate change by her administration.

“We’ve experienced the climate crisis firsthand in New York, so when it comes to protecting the environment and investing in renewable energy sources, we don’t follow — we lead,” Hochul said. “I am honored to earn the endorsement of the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter and I look forward to our continued partnership in protecting the environment and investing in a sustainable future for our state.”

New York is transitioning to more renewable and cleaner forms of energy in the coming decades, a massive undertaking that will change how residents power their cars, homes and businesses by the middle part of the century.

At the same time, the state has moved to harden infrastructure against the effects of climate change as flash floods become more dangerous.

“The increasing severity of climate change calls for bold leadership, and Governor Hochul and Lieutenant Governor Delgado have demonstrated that they have the vision and fortitude to help transition New York to a more equitable, prosperous and carbon neutral future,” said Roger Downs, the conservation director of the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter. “The stakes in this gubernatorial election could not be higher and the Sierra Club is excited to mobilize our more than 50,000 New York members to ensure that nothing prevents the Empire State from achieving its ambitious climate goals. This begins with electing Kathy Hochul and Antonio Delgado to a full term as governor and lieutenant governor.”

Hochul's Republican rival, meanwhile, was endorsed by a labor union this week. Rep. Lee Zeldin picked up the backing of the Transit Supervisors Organization. It is the 23rd labor organization to back his bid.

“New York is heading full steam into a downward spiral of crime, higher taxes, government overreach and overall uncertainty. Change is desperately needed and we need a leader now more than ever who can take over the helm and right the ship! Lee Zeldin is the right guy at the right time and just what New York needs,” said President Philip Valenti. “As a Congressman from Long Island and a US Army veteran, Lee will make the tough decisions that need to be made and will stand up for us so we can maintain the rights and freedoms that all New Yorkers deserve and enjoy.”