An independent expenditure committee backed by a prominent labor union will launch a six-figure ad campaign to boost the state Senate bid of Democratic former Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley for a Queens-area district. 

The committee, called NYC Forward, was initially launched and funded by District Council 9, a chapter of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. The committee is backing two ads that seek to boost Crowley as she runs for the 59th state Senate district ahead of an Aug. 23 primary. 

“Elizabeth Crowley began her career as a DC 9 painter and has long advocated for our members, working families and common-sense policies to benefit New Yorkers,” said Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Azzopardi. “State government is more important than ever, and we are proud to lead the effort to elect a serious democrat like Elizabeth Crowley to the New York State Senate.”

It's an early example of labor playing a role in shaping the next Legislature in Albany during this year's elections and as the chambers will likely see some changes given the unsettled primary fields and shuffling of seats by the redistricting process. 

The committee was initially funded by a $50,000 contribution by the union but has since received donations from other labor-affiliated entities and donors.