The labor organization that represents probation officers in New York City endorsed Gov. Kathy Hochul on Friday as she seeks a full term this year. 

Hochul won the endorsement the United Probation Officers Association, which cited the state's efforts to remove illegal guns from the streets, part of a multi-state effort Hochul has touted in recent weeks. 

“The United Probation Officers Association works each and every day to protect New Yorkers and I’m honored to earn their endorsement,” Hochul said. “Every member of law enforcement deserves a safe place to work, fair wages, and strong organizations that protect their rights. I’m proud to work together with UPOA as we keep New York’s communities safe.” 

The endorsement from the labor group comes as the gubneratorial race so far has focused heavily on crime and public safety concerns as reflected by voters in the state in public polling. Hochul's Republican opponent, U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin, has repeatedly criticized the state's recent criminal justice law changes and vowed to repeal them if elected governor. 

“We proudly endorse Kathy Hochul for Governor,” said President of the United Probation Officers Association Dalvanie K. Powell. “We need a Governor that stands for all New Yorkers, that balances the needs for safety and security with the opportunity for people to receive a second chance. Day in and day out, Probation Officers across our city – and our State – set New Yorkers involved with the criminal justice system on a path to success. Governor Hochul recognizes that the work of Probation is incredibly valuable and essential. We look forward to working with the Governor and her team on the many issues that Probation Officers face locally and statewide when she is elected to a full term, because we strongly believe that she represents the best of our state.”