Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley will recuse herself from the case involving David Jakubonis, the 43-year-old Fairport man who is accused of attacking U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin at a campaign event last week. 

Doorley spokeswoman Calli Marinetti on Monday said Doorley considers herself "a friend" of the Republican nominee for governor and will step away from the case.

Doorley's involvement in the case has come under scrutiny due to her appointment as a campaign co-chair for Zeldin's bid for governor. Marinetti on Monday said Doorley has not been involved with the campaign and previously this spring relinquished the title after it was determined by the District Attorney Association of the State of New York it created a potential conflict.

Doorley's office previously charged Jakubonis with second-degree attempted assault and was released without bail. Jakubonis on Saturday was arrested and charged under federal law with assaulting a member of Congress. 

Video of the attack on Thursday shows a man walking up to Zeldin while he was speaking at a rally wielding what was later determined to be a keychain with two sharp points.