Democratic state Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara on Tuesday urged the federal government to suspend gasoline taxes on the national level as a seven-month partial suspension of state gas taxes takes effect in New York. 

Santabarbara earlier this year had called for the state gas tax suspension, which was later adopted in New York's budget. The per gallon cost of gasoline in New York is $4.93, according to AAA.

Santabarbara's office released a letter to New York's congressional delegation urging action on the federal level. 

"Americans are now facing the highest gas costs in eight years and many other states across the country have now already or are working to rolling back their own gas taxes," he wrote. "However, the federal gas tax is something they cannot control, but it can have a significant cumulative impact when you consider these other measures now in place."

Motorists pay about 18.4 cents per gallon in federal taxes when filling up at the pump. New York's gas tax suspension will impact about 16 cents per gallon in taxes starting Tuesday until the end of the year. 

On averageNew Yorkers pay about 47 cents to 48 cents per gallon of gas in total taxes. The move will require transit systems, including the MTA in the New York City region, to be reimbursed due to the lost revenue. 

"After the challenges of the past two years, families deserve all the relief we can provide," Santabarbara wrote. "While we have done our part here in New York, suspending the federal gas tax can have a greater impact and help working class families save more of their hard-earned money during this crisis."