A bill meant to bar employers from requiring people applying for a job to disclose their age, date of birth or graduation year is advancing in the state Legislature as lawmakers close out the legislative session this week. 

The measure, backed by state Sen. Liz Krueger, is meant to crackdown on the potential for age discrimination in hiring. It has the backing of AARP New York, which called the issue of age discrimination in the workplace "all too prevalent." 

"And the pandemic has put a disproportionate number of older workers out of work, where they find it harder than younger ones to get back in the workforce - and at a decent wage," said AARP State Director Beth Finkel. "Add to that our rapidly aging population and the steep economic toll workplace age discrimination against Americans 50 and older takes – robbing the U.S. economy of $850 billion in 2018 alone – and this is the time to act."

The measure is yet to be taken up in the Democratic-led state Assembly, where it is sponsored by state Assemblyman Ron Kim.