Business organizations are urging state lawmakers to approve a measure meant to ease a requirement for New York drivers to obtain collision coverage on their cars. 

The measure, backed by more than 20 business groups, would allow auto insurance companies to waive the vehicle photo inspections that is usually needed to obtain the collision or comprehensive coverage. 

The bill was previously approved in the state Assembly with Democratic and Republican support. The groups, which include the New York Insurance Association, Big I New York and the Business Council, signed onto a letter urging the measure receive backing in the final weeks of the legislative session. 

They argue the bill will make it easier for consumers to obtain collision coverage while also provide regulatory relief for small insurance brokers. 

"Mandatory photo inspections are a burden to consumers and put them at risk of losing coverage if the inspection is not completed within a short timeframe," the groups wrote in the letter. "These inspections are no longer necessary due to transformative advances in how insurance companies identify and prevent fraudulent claims."

At the same time, the groups maintain the photo requirement is no longer necessary or effective in preventing fraud. Insurance companies would still be able to have photo inspections if they are considered needed.