The projects to strengthen New York's infrastructure from the worst effects of climate change while also building out projects for renewable energies like wind will be done with labor union jobs, Gov. Kathy Hochul Friday said. 

Hochul was in Florida Friday morning for the New York Building Trades annual winter conference, pledging to prioritize jobs for labor in projects like the construction of wind turbines in the Albany area for construction off the shore of Long Island. 

New York state is set to spend billions of dollars in the coming years as part of a transition to renewable and cleaner forms of fuel, while at the same time protecting against extreme weather events like major floods. New York voters are also expected to consider a $3 billion bond act meant to shore up and improve environmental infrastructure in the state. 

At the same time, Hochul will add a labor representative to the state's Climate Action Council to give unions a seat at a key table for policy implementation. 

"We have to build back resiliency," Hochul said. "This cannot be our future. So we have to also protect our climate, our planet. And that's why I'm so excited about the green energy jobs and $500 million for offshore wind for example, which we are building with union jobs, components of the turbines up in Albany, shipping them down the Hudson River and getting them out off the shores of Long Island. That's what the future looks like. You are building that future as well."

Hochul, meanwhile, announced the state Dormitory Authority will develop a project-labor agreement with Long Island construction unions as part of large-scale building there. Long Island is expected to play a key role in the statewide elections later this year. 

"We can't address the challenges of climate change without having labor at the table," Hochul said.