A coalition of environmental groups this legislative session is once again making a push for a measure aimed at making it easier to buy an electric vehicle in New York state.

Long at issue in the state has been the direct sales cap on vehicle purchases in New York. Companies like Tesla manufacture electric vehicles and sell them directly to consumers.

More broadly, the state is trying to reach 3 million electric vehicles on roadways by 2030 as part of targeted benchmarks to reduce emissions and curtail climate change.

But New York is trailing other states, including Florida, when it comes to electric vehicle purchases. The New York League of Conservation Voters, the Nature Conservancy, Environmental Advocates NY and Alliance for Clean Energy have signed onto the effort.

"The rapid adoption of electric vehicles is a critical component of reaching New York's emission reductions goals. Other states throughout the country continue to outpace us. Florida ––a state without zero-emission incentives and no direct sales cap –– saw 60% higher electric vehicle sales than New York in 2020, and has nearly twice as many electric vehicles on the road," the groups said.

"New York’s Draft Climate Plan calls for 3 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030, and according to NYSERDA, we currently have less than 50,000, which is only 1.67% of our goal. Governor Hochul is seeking to expand EV access and affordability and one clear way to achieve this goal is to eliminate the direct sales cap on electric vehicle manufacturers during the 2022 legislative session. We need action now."