Gov. Kathy Hochul's office has started to release publicly more detailed versions of her schedules, providing a window into her day-to-day events since taking office last August. 

Hochul's office posted three months' worth of schedules online, sending a link to Spectrum News 1 in response to a Freedom of Information Law request that had sought detailed schedules of her events, meetings and phone calls from her first month in office. 

The schedules cover August, September and October. Her initial first weeks in office included a round of media interviews, calls with fellow governors and business leaders, as well as meetings with cabinet officials. Within her first week on Aug. 30, for instance, she had back-to-back phone calls with Scott Rechler of RXR Realty and Leonard Schleifer, the CEO of Regeneron. 

A phone call with Sally Susman, the executive vice president of Pfizer, came a day later, the schedules show.  

Her predecessor, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, similarly posted what appeared to be reconstructed schedules of his day-to-day meetings. 

Hochul's office did not reveal political events or who participated in them. Hochul's campaign in the fall raised millions of dollars as part of her bid for a full term during the fall. 

The schedules, however, do show Hochul attending numberous "private events" — including 47 times in September and 15 private events in October.