New York state will be required to establish rules for monitoring students who are exhibiting signs of sudden cardiac arrest as well as treatment for the problem, based on a law signed Monday by Gov. Kathy Hochul. 

The measure was pushed for by the mother of Dominic Murray, who died of sudden cardiac arrest while playing basketball at school in 2009. 

“Student athletes are uniquely vulnerable to sudden cardiac arrest," said state Sen. Jim Gaughran. "Sudden cardiac arrest is preventable, and this law is critical to identifying, and preventing, any more tragic loss like that of Dominic Murray. I thank Dominic’s mom, Melinda Murray-Nyack, and all of the other families and advocates, for championing this law and their tremendous efforts across New York State in helping to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest. Our student athletes are safer and healthier because of the work of Melinda Murray-Nyack.”

Identifying the warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest could help preventing it. The measure requires the State Education Department to review information from the state Department of Health related to students who have shown symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest. The information will be posted on the department's webiste and included in a permission or consent form that would be required for a student to participate in sports.