Comptroller Tom DiNapoli on Monday endorsed an amendment to the state's constitution that would guarantee New Yorkers the right to a clean environment. 

The provision, put before voters as a ballot referendum this fall, has been a long-sought addition to the constitution for environmental organizations in New York. 

"All New Yorkers deserve clean air, clean water and a healthful environment. Establishing these fundamental rights in the State Constitution is an important step towards ensuring environmental justice for all," DiNapoli said. "New York state has always been a leader in protecting the environment – and by extension its residents. I urge support of the Environmental Rights Amendment and a 'yes' vote on Proposal 2 this fall."

Early voting began on Saturday in New York. Voters this fall are considering five amendments to the state's constitution, including measures to make changes to the state's redistricting process, allow for no-excuse absentee voting and end the requirement citizens must be registered to vote 10 days prior to Election Day.