A state-level judge on Friday granted a temporary stay on a COVID-19 vaccination mandate set to take effect on Monday for non-judicial court system workers in New York and their parent union, the Civil Service Employees Association. 

The labor union argues the vaccination mandate is in violation of its negotiated contract with the state.

“This is a victory for the labor relations process, and reaffirms that the Court System is not above the Taylor Law, just like any other public employer in New York State,” said CSEA spokesman Mark Kotzin. “CSEA is supportive of efforts to keep our state workplaces safer, but these changes must respect the legal bargaining rights of workers.”

The labor union represents about 5,800 workers in the state's court system. 

The mandate is just one of several requirements facing workers in New York who have not been vaccinated that are also being challenged in the legal system. A federal judge earlier this month blocked a vaccination mandate for health care workers who are seeking a religious exemption. 

In the CSEA case, the state Supreme Court judge is expected to hold a second hearing with additional arguments before extending the stay on the vaccination order, which could last for 60 days. After that, the mandate would head to a state arbitreation panel.