Depending on where you live in New York, the economic recovery has either been a quick bounce back or a slow rebound. 

That's according to new data released Tuesday by the state Department of Labor, which found unemployment rates continued to vary in New York last month. 

Overall, New York's statewide unemployment rate from July to August fell from 7.6% to 7.4%, a decline that comes following the lifting of pandemic-related restrictions on businesses and public gathering spaces. Some businesses this summer have grappled with an increased demand in services and too many job vacancies. 

But within the state, there are several stories. New York City, with sectors like hospitality and tourism hard hit by the pandemic, unemployment fell from 14.9% to 9.8% between August 2020 and last month. 

The recovery has been much swifter in other parts of the state that are less reliant on tourism dollars. For instance, the Capital Region's jobless rate fell from 8% to 4.7% during the same time period. 

The Buffalo area's unemployment rate also fell at a similar pace, from 10.1% to 5.7% during the same time period, Department of Labor numbers show.