The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and New York Attorney General Letitia James on Thursday reached a tentative multi-state agreement that is aimed at reducing smog. 

The agreement must still be finalized by a court. 

Under the deal, federal environmental regulations would take final action on "good neighbor" plans by a half-dozen states meant to limit ground-level ozone emissions that can produce smog. The agreement also includes New York City as well as Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, and New Jersey in addition to New York state. 

It's estimated that on bad air quality days, nearly two-thirds of New York's population — about 12.5 million people — are subjected to unhealthy levels of smog. 

“Following years of unregulated air pollution from other states into New York, this agreement promises a breath of fresh air for millions of New Yorkers,” James said. “A majority of New Yorkers across the state regularly breathe polluted air — much of it from smog blown in from upwind states. With this agreement, the EPA has committed to finally taking the necessary action to protect our communities and the resources we depend on. My office will continue to fight to reduce pollution, and to support every New Yorker’s right to clean, healthy air.”