Mass vaccination sites in Corning, Oneonta, Potsdam and York College will be among the first to be phased out, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday announced, as the state moves to "downscale" its COVID-19 vaccine distributrion. 

The move comes the same week as Cuomo announced New York had hit a threshold of 70% of adults in the state receiving at least one COVID-19 shot. In turn, that's led to the final easing of COVID-19 restrictions for businesses and other public gathering areas, with some exceptions for schools and health care facilities, as well as prisons. 

State officials in recent days have started to highlight pop-up locations for people to receive their vaccinations. The phasing out of sites in the coming weeks and the placement of new locations will be based on zip code data showing where vaccination rates are lower than the statewide average. 

"Our network of mass vaccination sites administered the biggest throughput of vaccinations in a short period of time, and thanks to their success we hit the milestones we needed to hit to get back to life as we know it," Cuomo said in a statement. "Our statewide progress has been remarkable, but we still need to get more shots into people's arms, particularly in areas that are still lagging on vaccinations. We have to go where the need is greatest, and so many of our mass sites will gradually start downscaling so that we can use our resources to target communities where vaccination rates are still low."