A survey to be released Monday by the animal-rights organization PETA is taking aim at the subsidies granted to the horse racing industry in New York, pointing to support for using casino revenues for other programs in the budget. 

The survey, conducted by Marist, is the latest salvo PETA has fired at the horse racing industry in the state. The survey, asking the question "Do you think: The state should continue to direct casino revenues to support the horse racing industry? Or, should the state redirect these revenues to fund public services?" found 83% support.

Support for redirecting that money elsewhere was found across New York City, upstate and in suburban communities.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's budget suspended casino revenue payments until six months after the conclusion of the COVID-19 emergency, but PETA has called for this change to be permanent.

The survey also opens up another front in the battle between casinos and the Saratoga Harness Horseman’s Association. As Susan Arbetter reported last week, casinos have struggled during the pandemic, but the revenue has aided harness operators.

The argument could be settled in a budget deal this week.