The impeachment investigation of Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be "very broad" and likely go beyond the allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie on Monday told reporters.

The Assembly last week moved to begin an impeachment investigation, which is expected to focus on the harassment allegations, as well as the governor's handling of nursing home deaths during the pandemic. Lawmakers have also raised concerns over recent reporting by the Albany Times Union that highlighted alleged problems with the construction of the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement. 

All of these issues could be wrapped into an impeachment investigation by the Assembly Judiciary Committee. Heastie did not give a specific timeline for how long the investigation would take, and it is occurring parallel to the investigation into sexual harassment claims launched by Attorney General Letitia James's office. 

The impeachment investigation by the Assembly is also hiring an outside legal counsel to help with the review. 

The impeachment talk comes as dozens of Democrats have called for Cuomo to resign. But the 76 votes required to impeach Cuomo and then hold a trial in the Democratic-led state Senate has not yet be reached. 

"There are some members who want an immediate impeachment," Heastie said." I'd say the overwhelming majority believes in due process and that's why we're moving forward with an impeachment investigation."

Assembly Democrats would likely want to reach 76 votes within their supermajority-empowered conference, passing an impeachment resolution without the support of the Republican minority.