Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office on Wednesday released the full transcript of a two-hour Zoom meeting between state lawmakers and top aide Melissa DeRosa that has become the focal point of a growing firestorm over nursing homes in New York. 

In the meeting, held a week ago, DeRosa acknowledged to lawmakers the administration withheld data requested by lawmakers due to a federal inquiry in August. 

Previously, the governor's office had only released a partial transcript of the call in question after The New York Post first reported on the call last Thursday. 

Cuomo has said his administration should have moved faster to release nursing home and long-term care fatality data among residents earlier, saying it created "a void" that was filled by "conspiracy theories." 

The transcript's release also comes after Assemblyman Ron Kim earlier in the day accused Cuomo of threatening him in a phone call last week. Kim was among the lawmakers on the Zoom meeting with DeRosa.