State lawmakers this week introduced a bill meant to block state and local governments from providing resources or personnel to federal immigration enforcement officials. 

At the same time, the measure would bar the disclosure of information deemed sensitive to federal immigration officials as well. 

“ICE has brought fear into our communities by tearing apart families and causing immigrant New Yorkers to live in fear,” said Sen. Julia Salazar. “We cannot allow for our state and local governments to be complicit in the systemic abuse that ICE inflicts on our communities, including preventing people from accessing essential services. This is why it’s urgent that we pass New York for All, our legislation that will prohibit New York’s local and state law enforcement agencies from conspiring with ICE.”

The measure builds on previous efforts, both through executive action and by statute, to bar the coordinating between agencies like ICE and state and local law enforcement. 

Lawmakers previously approved and Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law a bill that bars federal immigration officers from courthouses in New York. 

The push to restrict the federal government's immigration enforcement efforts were heightened during President Donald Trump's time in office. But lawmakers, as well as advocates who support the measure, point to ongoing concerns and mistrust within the immigrant community.

"ICE has relied on the collusion of state and local law enforcement to terrorize our hard-working immigrant communities of color,” said Assemblywoman Karines Reyes. “We cannot continue to allow ICE to use our local resources to wrongfully funnel people into their custody, separate families, and deport fellow New Yorkers. We must pass the New York for All Act to keep this predatory federal agency out of our over-policed and racially profiled communities of color."