Yankee Stadium will be used as a mass vaccination site, reserved for residents of the Bronx, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday announced. 

The stadium's use as a vaccination distribution site is part an agreement reached with the state and city of New York as well as the team, and Somos Community Care. The site will be overseen by the New York National Guard. 

"You cannot play baseball when you come, but you can come to Yankee Stadium," Cuomo said. 

The announcement comes as New York is due to receive a 16% boost in its weekly vaccine dose allocation over the next three weeks.

"The Yankees are committed to doing everything in their power to provide this vitally needed service to fight COVID-19," the team said in a statement. 

Restricting the vaccine to Bronx residents comes amid a push to ensure low-income communities and communities of color will have access to the vaccine. 

"People have to have access," Cuomo said. "And they have to get past the vaccine hesitancy."