Another shutdown of the state's economy to halt the spread of coronavirus cases in New York could be avoided, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday. 

Hospitalizations have declined by 66 patients, and 120 people died in New York over the last day, Cuomo said. There are still more than 6,000 patients hospitalized in New York due to the virus. 

New York's positive rate in the last day stood over 5%, Cuomo said.  

The pandemic is once again on the upswing in New York and across the country, leading some states to once again place broad restrictions on businesses and gatherings.

Cuomo on Friday said he expects New York to avoid a broad shutdown like what occurred in the spring.

"I think they're going to learn from Thanksgiving," Cuomo said. "I think we can avoid a shutdown and I think we will avoid a shutdown. I'll go that far."

Cuomo later added in the news conference, "I would wager that New York does not shut down" while saying he would take a presumably safe bet the Buffalo Bills would make the NFL playoffs.

A shutdown will be tied to hospitalization rates in the state. The Finger Lakes has the highest rate of hospitalization as a percentage of its population at 0.06%, followed by central New York at 0.05%.

A region can move to a shutdown if a local hospital system expects its capacity will reach 85% within three weeks' time.

"No hospital in the state believes it's going to hit 85% by Jan. 8," Cuomo said.