The state association that represents local prosecutors is seeking more money to support prosecuting repeat offenders, more aid for online training, and funding for processing evidence through cloud computing.

Those are among the priorities in the coming state budget year for the District Attorneys Association of New York ahead of what's expected to be a difficult season for negotiations surrounding the spending plan.

At the same time, the association's president, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley, urged Gov. Andrew Cuomo work with prosecutors as the state handles the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation for new laws reforming policing and prosecution in New York.

“There is no doubt that difficult budget decisions will have to be made in planning for New York State’s budget for next year,” Doorley said.

“DAASNY has highlighted crucial costs necessary for District Attorney’s offices to function in all counties. These are priorities that will help keep New York State’s businesses, residents and visitors safe while also safeguarding the rights of those accused of crimes and treating victims and witnesses with the care they deserve.”

The DA association is also seeking more than $15 million in grants for counities to assist in reducing gun-related murders and shootings. 

And the group wants funding for statewide pre-trial services that do not just encourage attendance for court dates, but also provide referrals for services that range from housing and job training to mental health and substance abuse treatment.