In a video released Thursday, New York Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy urged people to vote in person if they can, saying it is the best way to ensure their vote will be counted. 

Langworthy in the video pointed to mailed absentee ballots in parts of Brooklyn in recent weeks that included incorrect addresses or were sent to the wrong person. 

"These problems, in addition to the shear overload of paper ballots the Board of Elections is receiving, is why I'm urging all New Yorkers who physically can do so vote in person," Langworthy said. "Voting in person is truly the only way you can guarantee your vote and your voice will be counted without challenge."

The coronavirus pandemic, as expected, is leading to many more voters this year casting ballots by absentee, a process Gov. Andrew Cuomo has broadened to include virtually every eligible voter in the state. 

In especially close races, absentee ballots can be challenged by attorneys for both Republican and Democratic candidates, a concern Langworthy raises in the video. 

He added the state party is "preparing for a long haul in count paper ballots" in tight races for Congress and the state Legislature. 

"The more we can get people to vote in person, the sooner we can get accurate results and certify the election," he said.