President Donald Trump is trying to cast doubt on the integrity of mail-in ballots because he thinks he will lose the election, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Friday in an interview with NBC's "Today" show. 

Cuomo on Thursday approved measures that will expand absentee ballot access, including allowing any voter to obtain one for this election year in order to curtail the spread of coronavirus. 

"I think mail-in voting makes tremendous sense, especially now," Cuomo said. "I don't want people on lines on election day when we fought so hard to get this virus under control so we're making it easy to do mail-in voting. We have now 10 days of voting so you can vote, mail in a ballot within 10 days and we also have COVID, fear of COVID, as a legal reason for an absentee ballot. I think that makes the most amount of sense."

Trump, however, has been critical of sending ballots through the mail, raising the possibility of the process being rife with fraud, though that is extremely rare. Trump himself has requested an absentee ballot. 

In New York, absentee ballots can mailed in and also dropped off at local elections boards. 

Cuomo, in the interview, suggested Trump's opposition to mail-in voting stemmed from a fear of losing.

"I think this is a setup. I think the president is frankly anticipating losing on Election Day and then we're going to hear him say, 'oh, there was fraud in the election,' " Cuomo said. "The president is very good at always establishing a conspiracy. I think that's the conspiracy he's setting. We do things through the mail in this country. We pay bills through the mail. We operate through the mail."