In the month since Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled a surrealist poster commemorating New York's struggle during the coronavirus pandemic, 35,434 orders have been placed to buy one. 

The poster, which costs $11.50 to buy, has been ordered in 33 different countries including much of Europe, Australia, China, India and Japan. 

When asked where the proceeds of the poster are going, the governor’s office has responded the poster was produced "at cost." 

The poster depicts a "mountain" -- used as an analogy for the curve of COVID-19 cases in New York which has since flattened after spiking in March and much of the spring. 

Cuomo has affection for poster art. He's provided designs for previous posters to illustrate where he sees New York state, including one earlier this year that depicted New York as a ship being tossed in a "sea of division." 

The poster has come under criticism from some lawmakers, including Democrats in the Legislature, for taking a light-hearted approach to illustrating a crisis that has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people and double-digit percentage unemployment.