Actress and advocate Cynthia Nixon on Friday will endorse Democratic House candidate Bridget Fleming in her campaign for the eastern Long Island House seat held by Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin. 

Fleming faces a four-way Democratic primary on Tuesday against Perry Gershon, Gregory-John Fischer, and Nancy Gorof in the 1st congressional district. 

"I'm so thrilled to announce Cynthia Nixon's endorsement. Her advocacy for issues important to the progressive cause is a model for activism everywhere,” Fleming said. “As we push toward the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, I'm so honored that she's calling me the candidate most ready to carry that mantle in Congress. We need a member of Congress who will stand up to Donald Trump, not just talk about it. That's why I'm running and that's why we'll emerge victorious on Tuesday.” 

Nixon ran for governor in 2018 as a progressive challenger to Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a Democratic primary. 

"Bridget has been in public office for a decade, and in that time she's been a fierce advocate on the issues that matter most to us: protecting our environment, expanding access to affordable healthcare, and fighting back against our gun violence epidemic," Nixon said. "Bridget is the only candidate in this primary race who can beat Lee Zeldin in November, because she's the only candidate who has ever won an election against a Republican -- in fact she's done it 5 times!"