An Onondaga County judge has dismissed the lawsuit filed by neighbors of Heritage Hill against plans to build a meat processing facility.

The lawsuit, which was filed in September, alleged the proposed 10,000-square-foot facility was not compliant with the zoning code, and the neighbors had concerns about the smell and noise.

Dan Palladino, owner of Heritage Hill, said the facility will process beef and pork into chops, dry-aged steaks and smoked meats. Animals will not be slaughtered on site, but the facility will break down sides of beef and pork slaughtered at other facilities.

The facility will strengthen the local food supply chain, Palladino said in an interview in October.

“Nobody is even going to know it is there. We’re already smoking meat now, but instead we would be using commercial smokers that are highly efficient with a very low output,” he said. “You are not going to hear or smell it.”

Court documents said the neighbors did not successfully argue that the facility doesn’t comply with town code and its comprehensive plan.

The petitioners alleged the planning board didn’t address the environmental impact of the facility. However, court documents show the issues were raised during numerous public hearings and the town’s engineer addressed concerns in a review of the property.