Caz Tortilla, a locally owned tortilla company, will be closing its doors next week after operating for two years making corn and flour tortillas.  

Air Force veterans and owners, Casey and Katie Masters, opened their business to sell authentic tortillas to the Central New York region. They supplied local restaurants and grocery stores as well.  

They had the idea for the business after moving to Central New York from New Mexico where they frequently were able to get freshly made tortillas.  

“We always went into this knowing that we would need to scale or that it would only be profitable at a certain scale,” Casey Masters said.  

For a long time, Masters said it seemed they had constant and growing demands.  

“We had higher and higher invoices, and we were coming up to an inflection point where we needed to get a lot bigger or shut down,” he said.  

While they had reached out to some distributors and larger supermarket brands, it didn’t pan out how they expected.  

Masters will sell at the CNY Regional Market on Saturday and he also will have tortillas available at their production facility on Burnett Avenue through the middle of next week.  

“I think we did the best we could with the equipment we had and we had some really, really great people that helped get us there,” Masters said. “Everyone here has a bright future.”