Repeat speeders in New York would be required to install technology, or "speed limiters," in their vehicles under legislation introduced Tuesday by two state lawmakers.

Under a bill proposed by state Sen. Andrew Gounardes and Assembly Member Emily Gallagher, drivers who receive six speeding tickets and red-light camera violations, or four speed camera or red-light violations, in a year would have to install the device, ensuring they could not exceed the speed limit by more than five miles per hour.

It would also apply to drivers who accumulate 11 or more points on their license in 18 months. The speed limiter installation could be extended up to 36 months.

In a joint statement, Gounardes and Gallagher said the legislation responds to a public safety issue, with speed contributing to a third of all traffic fatalities, and every 10 mph of increased speed doubling the risk of death. They state speed limiters have been shown to reduce traffic deaths by 37%.

Gounardes said the bill makes it clear: "If you won’t stop speeding, New York will make you. We’ve had enough.”